Students using ratings to get lessons cancelled and escape payment

Recently I had a female student that I did an excellent job tutoring her in an Engineering subject. During the session she lost interest in the subject and I could feel it because she came unprepared and was not understanding much. She also asked me few times about getting overcharged as we went over the 2 hr limit with about 15 minutes or so. I only charged her for two hrs, but she gave me a 2 star rating. I tried to contact her to see why she rated me this low, but she did not answer. I was then forced to cancel the lesson to remove the low rating before it was charged to her account. I lost out on the money and she got away with free session. My thought was that I would rather lose the money than having such a low and unfair rating on my record. I am afraid that she might do it again to another tutor. So, if you get contacted by this girl for a lesson DON'T give her a lesson, because I believe that she will do to you what she did to me. If you would like her name, then send me a private text, and I will gladly supply you with her name.


When you ask a student to prepare for a lesson, and they don't prepare, I think you should just cancel the lesson immediately. Tell them they're not going to learn what they could.  Tell them it isn't ethical for you to deliver a lesson where they won't get their money's worth. Ask them why they did not prepare, maybe there's a good reason for it, maybe not.  Maybe they're having a really bad week.  Maybe they procrastinated.  Maybe they tried to prepare, but they did not understand the preparation materials, or they did not understand the preparation instructions.  Some students have trouble with self-confidence and are reluctant to open up and be honest.  Be gentle with them, and maybe they can get something of worth even if the lesson is a dud.
When a student loses interest part way through, that's probably a signal that something has gone wrong.  Stop the lesson, tell them you're concerned about their loss of interest, and ask them why.
Last but not least, if they're not understanding you, they're not getting their money's worth, and why on earth would you keep on delivering a lesson when you can see they're wasting their money?  Doesn't matter whose fault that is.
But you saw she came unprepared, you saw she lost interest, you saw she was not understanding you.  And yet you kept on delivering the lesson.  How does someone who is not understanding you "get away with a free session"?
The girl I had warned about is back looking for a new tutor and she will probably do the same thing to another tutor..If you want her name, I can give individually it if you message me..Please beware  


Roger N.

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