Prep Time for a one hour session is not being considered, or valued.

I used to tell my student teachers: For every hour lesson that you teach in a classroom, be prepared to spend 10 hours prepping and preparing for the set up and delivery of that lesson.  The first time you teach any lesson, you will prepare all of the conceptual material, all of the interactive materials that your students will be using, and you will be adding to your knowledge of the content-- particularly if you are teaching any of the sciences.  People generally do not understand how difficult it is to fashion an hour's lesson at a professional and excellent level.  
I have deep sympathy for the AP students out there who are scrambling to adapt to a changing text environment.  Meanwhile, I do not wish to present anything other than an excellent presentation online to represent myself-- or Wyzant.  This is not as simple as "turn on the cameral and talk for an hour".  Perhaps it is reasonable to ask for a FREE hour from tutors that work on this site.  But you are NOT asking for one free hour.  You are asking for several free hours-- all the prep, and then the recording time to get it right.  All of the prep of the visuals you would use in that hour.  All the prep of the outline, and knowing how the AP exam has changed.  
Wyzant takes 25% of everyone's hourly fee.  They should be able to pay a reasonable wage to their instructors for work.  Anything less than that shows a clear disrespect for the very people that are bringing in the money that pays for this site to exist. 


This is terrific advice and what I have found to be true  as a tutor beginning this career in my semi-retirement.  It wasn’t told to me, but I can see how worthwhile the info is.  I am tutoring all coursework for most of my students with some issues so although my initial academic strengths are maths and sciences, I find myself studying and preparing my English Lit and US History more than the brush up on the STEM courses, yet loving every moment teaching and learning with my students.
I absolutely agree with the above.  I LOVE prepping and learning new things, and as I am also in "semi-retirement" (who can AFFORD actual retirement??) it is a great way to keep the rent paid and my mind active.   Meanwhile, Wyzant is asking for professional "consultants" to help with the AP exams.  This is a field in which I have a great deal of experience--having (1) taught AP in the classroom around the world (USA and abroad), (2) helped to write exams for state testing and at the national level in math and sciences, (3) having designed and published curriculum both in print and online, (4) having a current student who is prepping for the AP exams this year online, (5) having taught at the college level for four different colleges/universities (adjunct faculty) and (6) having done extensive work and teaching in both how to create an exam, and how to TAKE an exam.
If Wyzant needs consultants for this role-- which they clearly do--they should compensate their experts at reasonable consultant rates.  We know who will ultimately make the money on this.  The workers should be fairly compensated-- not exploited.  As a past teacher union president, this really got under my skin.  I expect more from Wyzant.
I especially agree with your closing statement there, Marta, about WyzAnt needing to pay its instructors reasonable working ages for what we do for our-and-the-network's students.  Teachers and tutors will always be underpaid for going the extra mile at all times in the bigger picture of things, tragically.  I would say, include the time you spent preparing your lessons for each of your students in your hourly rate(s).  The more you need to prep., the more you should feel free to charge.  You can also charge different students different rates on WyzAnt; there is a button for that under your Student Rates in your profile.  If you find yourself needing to prepare more for some students and less for others, you can charge those given students a higher rate to compensate for the additional hours spent prepping on your part.  Also, you can have an upfront policy that additional homework assignments requested by families will cost an additional amount of $$ to account for the additional time put in by you to create and evaluate them. 
Definitely know and market what you are worth, Marta.  Tutors are a key component between students and classroom teachers (and parents) and what is being taught and learned all the while. 
Good luck, fellow tutor!     
Thanks for the support, Peter.  I am well aware of the possibility of charging different rates for different students and work types, and do so.  My point was not so much about what the students should and can bear, but what is fair for Wyzant to expect and ask-- or not.  This request from them seemed to be very much the latter: the request from Wyzant was, in my opinion, patently unfair.  Cheers, Marta


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