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I don't know how every one is doing on tutoring, but I am getting no student referrals from the many questions I have answered over a very long time. The purpose of answered questions is to help students and to create leads for future tutoring. Nothing of that is happening with me. I feel that the students are taking advantage of the system and our generous conduct. Every time they want a question answered or a problem solved they post it and they get what they need from the many tutors responding to them. Once they get what they need then bye bye. They don't need me or you anymore. They are getting all their questions answered and problems solved, so why would they need you or me for a lesson. This is not creating leads for the tutors, but is creating a way to get free tutoring for the students. I am testing to see how you feel about that. I feel that Wyzant policy is not working for the tutors, but working well for the students. If you think that the student is going to contact you after you answer his/her question or solve his/her problems, then dream on. It is not going to happen on a large scale but rarely if ever. If we don't get tutoring hrs from students, neither will Wyzant that is losing money offering free platform for answered questions for students.    


It does appear as if students are gaming the system. Perhaps students should be limited to posting ??? problems per month. Another option is to enable students to post unlimited amounts of problems and tutors provide hints and solutions. Hints cost $2.00 and Solutions cost $4.00 so that both Wyzant and Tutors may continue to purchase food for their families and keep the lights on.
I'd agree that I don't expect to get leads directly from answering the questions. There are a couple reasons I do it.
First, when we answer questions a few of them are stored in our profile under each topic. For example, when I answer a few geometry questions then when geometry students are looking for a tutor during a normal search, it can display some of these sample answers we've provided. Those written examples of our work could improve our appearance.
Second, there is the option to answer the questions using a video. It's not a style for everyone but when we do it, and it gets added to our profile as well, and Wyzant puts a professional intro title screen at the front with our picture that is pretty slick. Again, if students are prospecting for tutors using a normal search, now they can see and hear us in action.
I would imagine though am not sure, that if we answer in high volume that it slightly improves our ranking during tutor searches, and like you said, maybe not much.
I agree with the concern that it seems like students could take advantage of free tutoring.
There's no mystery here. There's an old adage: "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?"
I agree with the comments. There is no incentive for the student to have lessons with a tutor if there question is answered for free. 
It doesn't make sense to answer questions for free. I don't do it. Period. If a student needs help he/she can schedule a lesson and I will help him/her understand the question and underlying concept(s).


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