Seeking tutors for SAT test preparation

Recent news about cheating by rich parents to gain entrance at elite colleges for their children highlights the importance of and disparity among test preparation tutoring, based on a parent's resources. Wyzant doesn't support the private test prep coaching (and cheating) industry, and rightly so. For all those parents who are not at the highest income level, coming here to Wyzant to find tutors for your student is a reasonable means to find qualified help. On the other hand, do be realistic in whom you hire and how much you plan to pay. One tutor may charge $30/hour, another $125/hour. What's the difference? Parents needs to check on a tutor's credentials, background and experience before hiring him. Don't assume that the higher priced tutor is the better qualified. Ask questions and then don't assume the tutor can guarantee any particular results. The tutor won't write your child's entrance essay, nor sit in on her exam. Tutoring should be about helping the student think for herself, improving her basic skills, not about promising miraculous results. 


Well said, Emily. I have seen posts stating that a student is attempting to earn a perfect score on the SAT. That is a worthy goal, but it is also an ambitious one. No honest tutor can guarantee that a student will receive a specific score. 


Emily S.

Retired English Teacher for Adults

2750+ hours
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