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One of the biggest successes you can endeavor during your tutoring career is expanding your academic reach. Two years ago my student asked me to help her begin preparing for the PSATs. I have never taught that material but she enjoyed my English and reading approach that she was confident I could help her. After reviewing the materials, we began to take apart the test and work through the English sections. Over time I became comfortable and I started to spend time at home studying to increase my knowledge. Fast forward to two years later I am now teaching tips, tricks and strategies for conquering the SATs. This has opened the door for more opportunities that I would have never had if I didn't take the initial plunge into unfamilar water. You can also take that plunge I believe in you. 
One of the best ways to approach tutoring the SATs is not just arriving at the answer but teaching strategies to ace the test and avoid tricks. Boosting a student's confidence is also key. Their confidence will ease their stress and help them focus during the test. As I have studied the test, I've learned how to master its tricks while utilizing strategies that are easy for any student to master regardless of their academic level. 
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What tricks have you noticed? Same word in answer choice/ text is one I've seen.
One of the biggest tricks I've noticed appears within the answers. There is always two answers that seem to be correct. However, the key is to look at the one word within the answer that makes it incorrect. 
Within the grammar section, I always encourage my students to read a sentence or two above and below the section indicated. For example, if the question asks you to reread lines 10-15 I tell my students to read lines 8,9 and 16,17. It was amazing how many times the answer was found within the additional lines we've read. Finally, I tell my students to not stress about completely reading the passages because the questions will ask you to reread several passages again. I hope this helps! Best of luck with your studies! If you need any additional resources or tutoring services I am available for lessons. Thank you! 


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