Great online tutoring session helping a hard-working student: reminded me of why we do the important work we do as tutors

Why do I tutor? Tonight, I had a great online tutoring session. It reminded me that I got into tutoring to help students. I don't want to just help them learn how to get over the current challenge. I want to enable students to understand the concepts and build skills. I want them to increase their confidence and unlock their true potential.
I was well-prepared for tonight's career development lesson. I determined specific goals in discussions with my student before the lesson. I customized a lesson plan for the student. I utilized samples to illustrate the concepts. My student really appreciated how I tailored the lesson and made it engaging. My student was very genuine and intelligent and needed assistance to showcase her skills and experience. I am glad that I am able to help her with this. 
I've been reading a lot of the posts on the forum, the blog, and in the news. Many tutors are frustrated with the present economy or the Wyzant rate change policy. I definitely understand those concerns. But, I hope that by sharing this brief snapshot of my lesson tonight, it will help to remind all tutors of the positive aspects of the important work we do -- just as it was a great reminder to me. 


Andrew L.

Attorney, adjunct professor, and experienced tutor - multiple subjects

300+ hours
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