Excel: The available power is yours to utilize

Many students are intimidated from using Excel to enhance their accounting homework.

The everyday stress of student life & juggling the limited free time available sometimes leaves less than adequate time to learn the basics of your laptop, recall your passwords, memorize the campus layout, restore laptop connectivity, and yes: become even remotely familiar with Excel software!

Frankly, I have had one student claim their professor forbid them from using Excel as a tool! I can’t really understand this because once our students graduate, they will be expected to use Excel on a moment-by-moment basis for their employer’s benefit.

Excel based problem solving allows the student to concentrate on the theory behind his/her problem solving and how to sharpen his/her approach as opposed to old fashion pencil pushing - which is so susceptible to unintentional math errors and dull pencils will always need to be re-sharpened!

Please contact me for a one-hour lesson and I will share with you an Excel Encyclopedia which I have composed which has practical examples of many of the most popular Excel functions with working examples - along with the expected results!

I am offering a two-lesson package explaining the most frequent & most powerful Excel functions to be used with an instructional Excel spreadsheet full of notes & working examples for the investment of a two-lesson course priced with a discount from my normal rate.

Two hours at my rate is valued at $100. This Excel package of lessons is priced with a ten-percent discount for $90 for two lessons.

If you rather make this a group event at your dormitory, fraternity, sorority, or workplace I will offer a further discount of 50% for up-to-four BFFs, BAEs, or co-workers receiving the two-lesson course for $200.


John F.

CPA tutoring univ. students, CPA candidates, business consultant

100+ hours
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