Showcase Words

               Words In A Showcase

Perplexed by how to help pupils improve their reading comprehension?  Studying for the reading specialist exam here in late 2018, I have been informed that the most fluent readers are so because their vocabularies are large.  So my thoughts turn to showcasing a 300+ page hardcover Dictionary and Thesaurus (in one binder) on a stand similar to a podium or even a china cabinet.  Knowing that a child might tear pages, move one step further and invest in a plexiglass case under a bright spotlight in museum style.  Keep it under lock and key because a mammoth size book is my idea for your home, school, or community center and not only costly if requiring replacement but could get the pupil a loss of privileges.

Put a handheld magnifier with an LED on it in the possession of pupils to make small print tolerable.  Designate the responsibility of opening the dictionary case to those you can trust. Start a log and create incentives or competitions for those that seek new words the most often.  If paper pages are your second choice and electronic acquisitions your first, you have at least selected your home or public facility to make vocabulary-building a thought-provoking centerpiece!

Books that have previously caused you to feel squeamish are bound to be above adequately pleasing once your expression, accuracy, and rate as a reader develops. 


By Carol E. 2018 ©


Um. Great way to bore your students to death and make them be glad to be out of your class. Why not promote reading actual literature instead? 
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