How to understand student while teaching a lesson whether they can have understand a lesson or not

It is difficult to to teach science subjects specially math , physics , chemistry , biology , but if you can understand student condition about understanding a lesson you can handle that . To make a student to apply what they learn you must not give them any chance to become only theoretical concept but some practical data on that,
We have to make sure student by asking these questions like
1 Is there anything you confront you cant think ?
2 Is there anything you face in reading you cant add up ?
3 Is there anything you cant match with what you learn before ?
4 Is there anything you read or did that never make any sense to you ?
5 Is there anything you did in the procedure that data have no good use ?
6 Is there any data that have conflicts with any standard texts
7 Is there any thing for considering knowing good about the subject ?
8 Is there anything that will prevent others for learning this subjects ?
9 Is there anything that you think the subject is not worth for learning ?
This may make any student confuse for application in what he learned that make a glib student who cant be able to apply any data he learned
Also we may ask question like
1 When was this
2 Where was exactly you were at that time
3 Where was you reading at that time
4 What are you doing at the time
5 how did you look at that time
These question may improve student for learning to get right data and for application .


Anwar M.

Physics Tutor in Jamaica, NY

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