Numerous errors in Wyzant C programming qualification test !

Any body else notice the multitude of errors in the C programming test? Here are a few:
Error 1: scanning a character data type using String data type.

Error 2: not terminating scanf with semicolon.

Error 3: scanning in the memory addresses with the & symbol, however the data is not initialized on the float data type so the compiler may or may not assign a memory address. This error may just be considered bad programming practice instead of an error but regardless there won’t be anything there.


No, as C is not my area. However, I did note that the proofreading test was actually a grammar test (with nothing about proofreader marks or the usual transposition or spelling situations we might encounter). I'll offer to proofread tests so that we all can benefit from error elimination and get more accurate results. 


Brian O.

Computer Science M.S. -14 Years Exp., Certs: CEH, CISSP, Security+

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