Summer Reading Lists

Chances are, your children came home with Summer reading lists and/or worksheet packets. As a parent, you might be tempted to feel frustrated or angry over what looks like and attempt to hijack your child's/ family's Summer. Hold off on that conclusion for just a second please. Research states that children lose on adverage:2.6 months of Math skills, 2months of reading skills. On adverage,teachers spend six weeks,"reteaching loat" material. Those packets serve as prevention tools.
     Parents can save their child(ren)'s Summer with time management. Implementing a one hour,"studyhall" for your children in the morning, gives them the rest of the day to play. It also give your children ample time to complete ther assignments without last minute chaos. With a little planning and consistency, you can save your child(ren)'s education and the family vacation as well. Have a great Summer!


Julie F.

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