Rainy or Lazy weekend, spending time at home with family or friends?

Good project ideas for rainy (or just lazy) weekends:

    Have the kids read aloud to you. Choose a word that you think they may not know the definition. Then start a "Look up that word" game: I know some friends of mine who used to play this game often, I recall there were brothers and were very much into sports and competition, if they didn't know a word that was spoken or in their homework assignments, they would race to a dictionary to see who could find the meaning first. By the way, now they are articulate men with an awesome vocabulary!

You can ask "Who can look this word up and create a sentence? The fastest one is a winner!" Some kids may not think this is too much fun at first so plan a preferred meal or movie as a reward! They may start to really enjoy the word race game over time as they play it!


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