Good Fit works both ways!

Wyzant has a policy to allow new students to meet with a tutor of their choice and if they don't find the tutor meets their needs, they may contact another tutor without charge (as I understand it). This is a customer-friendly policy that makes students feel more comfortable in contacting a potential tutor. However, it works both ways. A tutor will also need to review the information a potential student provides to determine if possible how well the tutor can provide the help requested. The problem lies when the student gives no information.
When a student writes only "I need help", or "when can you meet", or writes no message at all, it is impossible for a tutor to determine if he/she can help. A tutor must determine the student's specific subject and area of need, level, school or work situation, possible schedule (e.g. evenings only), and other factors to see if he/she can help. It becomes a waste of time to write back and forth when the student is cagey and seems unwilling to provide honest information or doesn't trust this system.
If you are contacting a tutor for a child, likely you will provide this information. But when adults write for themselves, I often find minimal or no information given without asking (sometimes more than once). Please keep in mind that a Good Fit applies to tutors also; you must give them enough information to determine if they will pursue the inquiry. Otherwise I'm afraid you are wasting everyone's time.


I really liked your blog.  It helps those of us like me, who are new, to get a better feel for this.  You mentioned the good fit policy.  If a student decides I am not a good fit, do I get paid?  How does this work?  Are students sent an email after the first lesson asking if it was a good fit?  Just wondering.  Does this work for students who are leery of on line tutoring?  It would be  more the format than the individual.  I've thought of mentioning it to students who wanted in person, but didn't know if it would apply.
Hi Mary, yes you get paid for the first lesson even if the student makes later arrangements with Wyzant. Those are between the student and this system, and I am not involved. I'm not sure how Wyzant handles the matter. You could mention it to a new student who is leery of the online platform, but I wouldn't stress it. Instead I would approach in a positive way to say you expect to help the student, and then if they have any questions, they can contact Wyzant. 
Good luck with your tutoring.
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