Can You Read?

I've had several potential students contact me recently without reading my profile page carefully. I'm not involved with social media, so I don't know if that page resembles a social media platform. I doubt it, but perhaps people are so used to looking at information online with half an eye, without really reading or absorbing the content, that when they come here they feel the “information” is the same as elsewhere. It's not.

On my profile page, my location is stated. Yet potential students from other time zones sometimes feel I must work close to them. They are surprised when they finally realize I don''t live in their state. That also means I can't meet them at a local coffee shop for face-to-face work. Again they are surprised, despite the fact that their tutoring request clearly states: “preferred lesson location: online”. If I live far from you, and you have asked for online tutoring, then why would you be surprised that we would work online, not face-to-face at a local venue? So not only haven't you read my profile page carefully, you didn't fill out the initial request correctly to specify your preference for either online or in-person work.

Another statement on my profile page is “adults only”. I mean it. I don't have elementary level experience and you wouldn't want me to work with your primary student. Yet I have parents contact me for help with their 13-year old, who is not an adult by anybody's definition. Please take into consideration what the tutor says on his/her contact page, and trust that he/she means it. Don't waste my or your time.

Finally, I have potential students contact me for immediate help, a paper due at midnight tonight, when I have not indicated that I am available for “Instant Book” requests. I believe that for various reasons, when my name comes up on the first page of their search results, potential students don't want to take the time to click on to page 2 or beyond to review other possible tutors. Again I wonder if it's a matter of reading, of not being able to or willing to handle that much text at once.

Thus I urge a new client searching Wyzant for a suitable tutor to read what tutors write carefully. Take seriously what they say about themselves, and consider carefully before making an initial contact. That way you will find your right tutor more quickly and you won't waste a tutor's time.


Everything you've said here is so true. I don't know how many times a student from another time zone has messaged me asking for a lesson, only to be surprised when I mention the meeting would have to be online. I too have gotten an influx of students who want to meet immediately, without using the instant book request. I usually like to have at least a day's notice for potential meetings, but some people feel entitled to an immediate lesson- I blame the proliferation of apps that offer immediate services- Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, etc. offer the instant fulfillment of user requests, and these people think that this site must follow the same model.


Emily S.

Retired English Teacher for Adults

2750+ hours
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