Tips for Helping Your Teen Prepare for College Entrance Exams

The entrance exams for colleges are the toughest exams that students need to face. It is important to be with your child and help him or her prepare for it from an early stage. Read on to find out some ways in which you can make college admission easier for your child:

Gathering information
The deadline for college applications, process of applying, type of admission test and the minimum cutoff score should be found out. You can gather this vital information for your child and make it available to your child when required. It is important to ensure that your ward does not forget the scheduled test date and other requirements.

Encouraging the child to take the test a year early
It is a good idea to go for a trial run before the actual exam. You should persuade your child to take entrance exams in the junior year itself to get an idea about the question pattern and requirement of time management. This can ensure that when the actual time for admission comes, the child can clear it and gain admission easily.

Providing updated materials and technological support
The syllabus and paper pattern for college entrance exams keep on changing. You should make sure that your child has the latest study material to prepare for the exam. There are plenty of online programs which also aid students in becoming ready for the exam.

Keeping alternatives in mind
You should advise your child to apply to multiple colleges and for different courses. If one option does not work, then there should be a backup plan in place so as not to lose a year.

Along with following these tips, you need to motivate your child at every stage and maintain a positive attitude so that your child can succeed in gaining admission.


Great tips. Private tutoring and in-person classes are effective ways of honing learners' skills for taking college entrance exams such as the ACT and the SAT. These methods can be combined with an online study guide, too, such as Test Prep Toolkit. It is an equally effectual learning tool as well, and fun at the same time. Students should learn to relax while studying so that they can easily process information.
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