How to change Fn keys default action on a PC

If you are working in a Microsoft environment, Excel or Word and on a laptop, you may have been frustrated having to select the Fn key together with the primary F1-F12 keys to run the desired command.
While the fix is easy on a Mac, it is not so on a PC.

Here are the instructions on how to do this on your PC (Windows 10)

1) In your Search Windows Box, type “UEFI”; this will bring a pop-up option “Change Advanced Startup Options”.
2) Select this option, in the next window select “Advanced Startup” and click on the button “Restart Now” (this will restart your computer)
3) Upon restart select “Advanced Options / UEFI Firmware settings”
4) Click on RESTART
5) Once the computer restarts, you will find a menu with several drop-down lists;
a. select “POST behavior - Fn Lock Options”.
6) The default is Lock Mode Disabled / Standard.
a. Select “Lock Mode Enable / Secondary”

That’s it!!
Confirm and Exit and your settings are now saved. If you want to revert ack to the default settings, just follow the same instructions and select the standard POST behavior option.

Enjoy a better experience with your laptop 😊
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