What has Excel Done for Me Lately


Excel has done wonders for me lately--over the last few years and months. From allowing me to analyzing my situation to determine that I could retiring early at 55 years old; increase my savings; pay off debts; to purchase my new retirement home against the back drop of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Excel has been my money GPS, making it pleasure to manager my money--it can be yours too. Owners, analysis and others inside large and small business everyday use Excel for tracking, forecasting and analyzing their revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities and other matter, to keep their operations running smooth and profitable. Why shouldn’t you use Excel to do the same for your home? You’ll be smiling all the way to the bank and may eventually living life grandly.

I recall as a child how very poor my family was in Mississippi. So, poor that at times we had no utilities like water, electric and gas. We had to cook food over an open fire, made in the metal vegetable draw, from our none energized refrigerator, with the metal rack a top it, on which we sat pots and pans to cook. But I eventually joined the service where I began to make a descent income. Because my greatest fear in life was being poor again, I started very early use a budget created with my Commodore 64 computer, 1541 Commodore 5” floppy disk drive, small dot matric printer and a small TV as a monitor. I also obtain my first spreadsheet which was Microsoft’s Multiplan (Excel’s predecessor). With this inexpensive computer setup, I began recording and tracking my income and expenses. As time went by, Excel was introduced, and I had upgraded my computer and purchased this software. In my testimony, I can only say it’s been amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish, in term of making the best of my resources, using Excel. At times I feel I’ve never been poor, but unfortunately that is something I can never forget; therefore, I will never stop using Excel to manage my financial affairs. It’s the best thing since un-sliced loaf of bread. You should try it. Contact me, through WyzAnt and I can give you lessons on you all the ways you can use Excel to bring wonders to your life too.
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