Is Your New Years Resolution to do a Better Job Managing Your Money?


The New Year is just around the corner and many of us will be making pledge to do a better job of managing our money. But doing a better job goes beyond just saying it and hoping it. Sometimes you need help and the right tool to create that plan. Excel can be an excellenat tool to do just that. Contact me through WyzAnt and I will provide you the right training for using the Excel tool to accomplish your goals.  
Things you can do with Excel to better manage your money:
Increase your income usage efficiency
Eliminate waste and make dollars by saving dollars
Create a path to prosperity
Spend within your means
Prepare annual income/spending plan
Plan your savings
Plan major purchases
Know how much of your money is going where
Identify consequence (months later) of excessive spending now
Prepare different budget for various if situations
Accurately re-adjust your financial plan if circumstances change
Identify (months ahead) if you will incur cash flow problems during the year
Create a total debt profile
Calculate your beginning and ending Net Worth
Identify and value your personal and real property
Determine when you can pay-off your mortgage early
See the big picture of your finances for a whole year
Improve your discipline in handling money
Just have fun managing your money
And much much more.
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