Spanish Savvy for Homeschoolers!

Prep your Homeschoolers to be Spanish Savvy!
The moment has come... Your homeschool counselor has added Spanish class to your Homeschool schedule. And the only thing you remember from your highschool Spanish is 'hola' and 'adios'!
Whew! Good thing I started these super savvy blogs, right?😀

Ok, no time to waste here, stick with me and launch your child into pure Spanish savvy!
First step of success is to encourage your Homeschoolers to love.. Yes love.. that he gets to learn Spanish because not everyone gets this chance. Then talk about how much Spanish he,she already knows (and you too). This would be a terrific conversation while sitting at your favorite Taco shop on, of course Taco Tuesday! Words you both already know,for example, taco, burrito, tortilla- you get where I am going with this, right?
Why the pre prep talk? Easy. Because in all of my 25 years of teaching and tutoring Spanish, there is one majorly savvy important fact-Attitude is everything!

Next savvy tip, dig out the old map/globe and "travel" around the hundreds of places where super Spanish is spoken. Then, talk about the best things about things about those places. I always start of with Mexico because my city borders it and because it rocks! Easy! Talking points like colorful pinatas delicious churros! I could go on but I will stop writing and head down there for some!!!!
I remember my daughter and I visiting Tijuana, Playas, often when she was younger. Each time I made sure to stop by a panaderia/bakery filled with unbelievable pastries, cakes and cookies. The catch was that the ladies who worked the counter only spoke Spanish. So, yes my daughter had to use her Spanish to start munching!
Savvy Tip 3- take total advantage of Spanish story hours at your local library or bookstore. A great way for your child to make friends and accustom his ear to the melodic sounds of Spanish!

For the older Homeschoolers, investigate Spanish clubs or meetups, or create your own by having a tutor lead onebat a coffee house . For the younger Homeschooler, a play group with a Spanish speaking leader is ideal.

The emphasis of all these savvy tips is to make Spanish a natural, normal concept in your family.
Finally, the last savvy point for today is to sit your older homeschooler down over a frappucino and talk about the money he could make being bilingual in almost any career! Not to mention the plus it will be on his academic and career resume.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Need more ideas, message me here!!


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