Beauty of Online Tutoring - 7 Reasons

I understand some parents are cagy or wary of online tutoring. After all - schools teach face-to-face, don't they?
But, have you noticed how online services are exploding and brick/mortar schools are slowly but steadily disappearing?
The internet is no longer the future - it is here - now!
Online tutoring brings multiple advantages for everybody.
1. Very, very flexible. The student can be anywhere. At school on lunch break - Overseas - Broken leg in bed - sorry.
2. Nobody needs to drive in crazy traffic and risk an accident.
3. The student has immediate access to my Mac with thousands of topics - explanations and worked solutions. 
4. You get copies of the work we did together for review / better understanding. Smart phone or PC! No lost paper notes.
5. Online we share screens and audio in real-time just as if we were sitting at the same table.
6. Can cancel and reschedule at the last minute. In-person carries a 24-hour minimum.
7. Class time is only charged in multiples of 30 minutes. In-person carries one hour minimum.


Hi Bruce,
Great advice, thanks. I have a question for you. I am going to start online tutoring (normally I have been face-to-face) and I would like to know what particular type of writing pen for the whiteboard should I purchase? And are there any other devices (other than a headset) I should consider buying to help my students have a great experience?

Thank you,
Gail W
Try the Wacom pen and tablet.
Most of the students I get want in person tutoring because on-line classes are inadequate. While the technology is impressive, i think the old fashioned face to face still works best


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