Attention: Graduate Nursing Professionals, I Provide Valuable Feedback on Final Research Papers

If English is your second language and you would like another pair of eyes to review your final research paper prior to submission, please contact me. I'm available online, via email, and for those graduate students located in Central Florida, in person. I've assisted many nursing professionals, whose second language is English, to achieve an A on a final research project. My experience includes reviewing papers written for online graduate courses, papers written in group collaboration, rough drafts (minimum 5 pages with draft in-text citations and draft bibliography, plus copies of supporting research articles), and final research papers. I can consult with you at any stage during your research and writing process. I've even helped students breakthrough challenges such as writer's block and brainstormed ideas for research projects!
Sometimes writers feel overwhelmed and I can help by reviewing the professor's rubric, writing assignment criteria, and any email feedback you've received on your writing. It is easy to become discouraged if a professor provides negative written comments about your English writing skills, but it's better to shake it off and send me an inquiry to learn how I may be of assistance.
I am an academic support consultant with extensive experience in two university writing centers assisting ESL students with a wide variety of writing skill. My expertise in assisting undergraduate and graduate students in improving writing skills, online research methods, and research referencing (with in-text citations for APA, MLA, and CMS) has helped each student to achieve his or her individual goals. If you need a different style to reference biology or chemistry, please inquire. I can help.
For more information, please click on my profile and email me. My hourly rate is negotiable. It is set to include travel expenses within a ten mile radius. For online assistance, please request an hourly rate reduction, if needed. I'm a specialist and my rate is set for graduate level writing consulting on scientific and medical research topics. My expertise in English grammar, organizing research, and transferring knowledge to my students has helped many to build confidence, attain higher scores, and learn about scholarly writing resources. I look forward to working with you to achieve your writing goals!
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