Tips for Studying Japanese Kanji

Hello students!
Like everyone, I myself have struggled to learn Japanese Kanji. It's really difficult. There's so many parts, readings, and often meanings differ depending on how the character is used. Here are some tips for learning Kanji.
  1. Learn Kanji through RADICAL
        Radicals are the different parts of a kanji character. Instead of memorizing each character one by one, memorize them radical groups. For example, learn all of the kanji with the radical 日 (nichi/hi). The group would include characters such as 明(あさ)、曜(よう)、and 書(か). This trick will also help you in reading kanji you haven't seen before.
     2. Use flashcards to label things around your house
         You can do the same thing with vocabulary. This time label flashcards with the kanji on the front and the reading and meaning on the back. Then tap them to the household items around your house. That way, every time you look at those things, you'll be learning the characters for them.
     3. Write them over and over.
         I know this is probably not what you want to hear. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effective ways to learn kanji. Each kanji has a stroke order (kakijun). No matter how similar two characters may look, they always have a different stroke order. Because of this, if you write characters over and over with the correct stroke order, you can put that character into "muscle-memory". This has worked very well with me in the past.
There you go. I hope this helps you all.
Happy studying!


Ana M.

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