The Good Tutor

This is the story of a certain student who faced a lot of difficulties understanding certain concepts in his class. He/She was at the point of giving up and failing that class when a deep beautiful voice called his/her name out loud, "Student!" He/She didn't understand what was going on. The voice called a second time, "Student, go to the tutoring center!" So the student walked his/her way to the student center and asked for a tutor to help.
The first tutor looked at him/her with an expression of disgust. "How can you not understand this?" the tutor asked. "It is very simple, just do this..." Confused, the student couldn't keep up with the tutor's technique. The tutor seemed to have had a bad beginning of the day and was very impatient. He also got on the top of his nerves, but always seemed to hold back. Scared, the student called onto a second tutor.
The second tutor came with an indifferent expression. He didn't seem to care about the student's anguish. However, he was less mean than the first one. What really surprised the student was the tutor's motif to get paid for his services and always seemed to be in a hurry. He talked really little and gave no advice to the student. He wasn't of great help.
The sad student was about to leave the room when a smiling, charismatic tutor grabbed his/her arm and said, "Hey, do you still need help? I am a tutor!" The Student being in total anguish nonchalantly replied, "Yes. I do." So the tutor took him/her to the board and quietly explained the subject. The tutor made sure that the student would remember the explanation by providing cool and simple tricks to the student. He was very polite and delicate. The tutoring came to an end and they both departed to their respective destinations.
Four days later, someone rushes into the tutoring center and unintentionally SLAMS the door. "I made it, I made an "A" grade!" Student joyfully says. He/She runs in the direction of the third tutor and says, "I have some good news for you. My dad is very happy too and wants you to be my private tutor. He said he will pay you as you wish." That was some good news for the tutor who was being paid a little less than normal.
After noticing that they were still in the Center, they both controlled their joyful emotions and stepped out of the Tutoring center to talk about the interesting opportunity. "If I successfully achieved this, it is thanks to you. You were being very patient and kind. You understood my need for tutoring and lead me along. You really are a Good Tutor."


Yohann D.

The Experienced Mathematutor

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