The Benefits of Tutoring During the Summer

During the school year, many of the students I work with have jam-packed schedules replete with extracurriculars, sports, and demanding classes. Adding test prep into the mix can complicate schedules even further. So why not take advantage of the time students have off during the summer to get ahead, so that when school resumes they won't have a heavy additional workload to worry about? 
There are many reasons why summer classes benefit students. One of the most obvious relates to what is known as the "summer slide." Most students lose about two months of grade-level mathematical proficiency over the summer. In fact, in a meta-analysis of 39 studies that examined the effect of summer vacation on academic achievement, researchers found that summer break was detrimental for both math and reading skills, and that the amount of deterioration increased with grade-level. 
Many times I work with sophomores and juniors in high school to prepare for the SAT & ACT. This research is especially relevant to their success, because by that time the math they are learning is much more advanced than what they learned in elementary and middle school. The potential to forget material over the summer, therefore, is high. By continuing to meet with a tutor, however, not only will students' skills not deteriorate - they will actually improve! 
But wait, you might say. Don't students need a break at SOME point? Absolutely! Summer tutoring is not mutually exclusive with taking some well-deserved time off. The purpose of summer lessons is to keep your skills fresh, and to plan ahead so that when the busy school year gets going again, you'll be able to hit the ground running. 
The school year is a busy time, there's no denying it! That's why it's smart to take advantage of the time students have during the summer to prepare for the year ahead. Don't let your skills deteriorate! 


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