Building A Custom Computer

Have you ever looked at online computer ads, or the shelf at the local Big-Box Retailer, and said "They Don't have exactly what I want/need!" - If this is the case, a Custom Built Computer may be the right solution to the problem.
The 1st step in a Custom Build is determining the exact client's needs. In my "Daily Driver", I knew I needed 4 Monitors in a 2x2 Configuration. This particular graphics setup is a fairly limiting criteria when it comes to buying a graphics card. 
Instead, the less expensive option is the use 2x Graphics cards, with 2 outputs each. The prerequisite for this setup is a Motherboard with 2x PCI-E Slots. 
This is just one example of why every custom build Must have an experienced advisor. 
If you want the pride of building your own Computer, you can hire me for product selection on the front-end, usually about 1 hour with a shared or Wish List, then abotu 2-3 hours on-site to unpack, build and install your operating system. 
Let's chat soon about your Custom Computer needs!
Ryan P.
5-Star Tutor in the San Fernando Valley 


Ryan P.

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