Test Prep Techniques That Work

Our understanding of the relationship between memory and learning continues to improve. Why not benefit from the latest research by incorporating some of these findings into your own study habits? I help my students come up with creative ways to do this all the time, and wanted to share one of the more helpful summaries I've come across about what works and what doesn't. 
Here are a few highlights:
  • Link new information to things you already know
  • Actively participate in your own learning
  • Create both a visual and a verbal memory for the same information
  • Whenever possible, study in an environment that is similar to the testing environment
  • Spread studying out over several days, rather than cramming
  • Avoid multitasking when learning difficult or dense material
  • Review information you're trying to memorize right before you go to sleep
  • Quiz yourself frequently to practice retrieving these memories, making them stronger in the process
You can read more about why these strategies are so effective here. Trust me, they really work! 


Peter, you should write a book on study skills:)
Haha, maybe someday I will. Thanks for the kind words :) 


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