Request for Phone Conversation in French

I was just contact by someone in a city near me (25 miles) who would like just some phone conversation/tutoring for her French exchange student.  I told her that I would adjust the rate($15/hour) since all she is asking for is some pick-me up conversation in her native tongue, and a little help learning the American English. Would anyone else have some ideas for me about rate for phone conversational English/French? 


I think you could still charge more, because you're still using your time. I understand you may want to give a discount, but the online platform may help more so that she could visualize your mouth movements. If you're using the online platform, the rate does not need to be adjusted. Also, if it's very brief, you wouldn't take too much time and are less likely to end up overcharging.
Salut Cinnamon, 
I think $ 15/h for what would be a basic-guided conversation to help the student with pronunciation seems reasonable to me.


Cinnamon G.

Experienced French/English Tutor and translator

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