1. When you start “giving” your dreams away for free.
2. When you focused on making the listeners “care” about what I was talking about.
3. When you “truly believed” in what you are sharing with them.

I had seen this participant in our meetings many times before?

He wears his baseball cap on backwards. His clothes are disheveled and he comes to the meetings often times late.

He has given presentations before in our meetings and was an average presenter, saying ordinary things, but today—

Today was uncommonly different.

Today he looked different. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with no hat, and he delivered a smooth presentation and a content filled with substance.

The listeners applauded with vigor and enthusiasm. He did not seem surprised at the response from his audience, but I as his coach certainly was.

How did he accomplish this feat?

He simply said, “I’ve been listening to what you have been coaching me and one day it connected.

Keep adding huge value to the world with what you do best,
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Kerry R.

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