TESOL Proofreading Checklist

Here is a sample proofreading checklist which I created for one of my English Language Learner (ELL) students. It is not an exhaustive list, because it is targeted to her most frequent errors. 
Proofreading Checklist

Did I check…

1. Spelling

?  Microsoft Office Spelling and Grammar check?
? Spelling of proper nouns (specific people, places, things?)
  • ? Example: President Barack Obama
2. Grammar

? Circle all the verbs?
? Check subject/verb agreement?
? Check the verb:
o Tense
o Spelling

3. Sentence Structure
? Correct any sentences that are too long?
o Add a good variety of short and long sentences?

4. Punctuation

? Put a box around each punctuation mark?
? Check apostrophes?
o They should be for possessives (show ownership) or in place of a letter
? Example?: That is Joe's essay.
? Example2 : It’s (It is) a nice day.
? Commas are for items in a series, or followed by the words: and, or, yet, nor, for, so or but?

5. Presentation (how it looks)

? Put the paragraph into line spacing: double?
? Add page numbers?
? Indent the lines for the beginning of a new paragraph?

6. Do a final reading
? Read it aloud
? Read it slowly for rhythm


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