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Math is Everywhere

Math is all around us. We use math to calculate the speed of the earth rotating about its axis. We use math to calculate the radius and height of a water tank to store enough water for a town. We use math to calculate the amount of carpeting material to purchase for our houses, and we use math to calculate the amount of fabric material to purchase to sew a pillowcase for our pillows. This means that you cannot run away from math. Even the dosage of painkiller medicine that your body needs depends on your weight and the use of math.
I have another example of the applications of math in our everyday lives. Movie theaters like any other for-profit business, have a budget with expenses and income columns. In order for the movie theater to break even, it needs to sell a minimum amount of tickets. This movie theater needs to sell a minimum of 100 tickets as the sum of the of tickets purchased. Also it needs to make a minimum of $100 from the sum of the tickets purchased in order to break even. The theater has movie tickets priced as follows: $5 for non-senior  adults, $1 for seniors, and $0.05 for children. How many tickets do the non-senior adults, seniors, or children need to purchase for the movie theater to break even?
Here are some hints. This is a system of equations question with three unknowns, but you can also use the concept of ratios to solve it. You need at least one person from each category. Feel free to comment with your solution to this problem.


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