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Dear Wyzant tutors,
Have you had any issues with the people whom you tutor after they have been reminded via. the WyzAnt website reminder email and they don't show up? What have you done about it? Sure, some have told me to charge them, but you'd rather tutor them, instead. In my particular situation, I have had 2 people who have been reminded 24 hours in advance of our tutoring session. Then, something comes up, or they forget. Do you folks think we should have 2 reminders be given, such as 24 hours in advance and maybe 6 or 8 hours in advance?
Take care, and be well!


If they are "regulars" and they cancel occasionally, I let them slide. If they are new students, I will let the first one slide. It hasn't happened yet but if a new student was a chronic canceller, I would fire them; not worth the effort!
I just wrote a new cancellation policy to handle situations like these. I'm sending it out to my students today and published it as a blog here. Basically I am requesting notice be given by 2 pm the day prior to the lesson or be charged the full fee. I do feel bad when I have to charge a cancellation fee, but I also have to honor that this is my livelihood. My appointments are my bread and butter. I have to enforce my policy fairly across the board. I only make exceptions for true emergencies.
I agree with both comments. If I don't here from a parent within 5 hours of a lesson, I charge them.
Because my time is important, I've learned not to feel guilty about it.  If someone misses a session, I remind them of the 24 hour cancellation policy. If it happens again, I charge them. One of my students was so inconsistent, I told the parent I needed to move her child to another time slot because the one she had was at 3pm and I needed to be available for other students.  I never heard from her yet I didn't have to worry about her child not attending a scheduled session.  Our time is way too valuable to give it away.
MaryLynne White, Charlotte, NC
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