Perfecting Your Writing: The "Hook"


The introductory paragraph of a paper or writing should capture the reader’s attention and engage their mind. You should always approach your papers expecting a reluctant or busy reader. Your job is to relate to them, give them useful information, and intrigue them to capture their interest. The first sentence of an introduction can be thought of as “the hook:” The sentence that grabs the mind of your reader.


  • Ask yourself:
    • Who is reading this paper (your audience)?
    • Is my reader sympathetic or opposed to my view?
    • What personal experiences or interests will my reader have?
    • How can I relate to the topics or things that my reader would care about?
    • What was the most interesting or unexpected fact that I learned?
  • Tone of Paper
    • The tone of your paper should determine the hook sentence that you use
    • For creative writing, you have more flexibility
    • For informative writings, the tone may limit the options you have


  • Creative Writing
    • Question Posed To the Reader or Rhetorically
    • Vivid description
    • Metaphor or an Example
  • Informative Writing
    • The Most Interesting Fact From The Reading
    • Vague But Intriguing Headline Sentence
    • Exaggerated Example


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