My Tutoring Policies

Tutoring Rates

  • My rates are 100% negotiable. At my sole discretion, I may elect to modify my standard rates based on factors such as frequency, duration, online vs in-person, group rates, etc.
  • Billing begins at the scheduled session start time (or earlier if the session starts early). This means that time spent waiting for a late student is billed as part of the session duration.
  • For in-person lessons, two-way travel time over a total of 30 minutes is billed as part of the session duration measured by the average travel time from my residence to the meeting location. To mitigate costs of travel, I suggest sessions be longer rather than shorter, or sessions be held online to eliminate traveling costs altogether.
  • All fixed-cost expenses incurred as a cost of providing tutoring are to be reimbursed directly to me by the student, paid for in cash or by check (made payable to Ryoga Independent LLC). Example of such costs include the cost of toll roads, parking fees, and proxy purchases (ie. when I buy something for the student). The lesson itself will always be billed via WyzAnt.
  • Preparation time is considered billable time. For example: If I am assisting a student with a project, then the time I spend reviewing the project in advance of meeting with the student is considered billable time.
  • While I appreciate the sentiment, I an unable to accept tips in any form.
  • Excluding travel, there is a one hour minimum fee for tutoring sessions less than one hour in duration.

Cancellation Policy & Fees

  • For cancellations with 24 hours or more notice, I will not assess any cancellation fees.
  • For cancellations made within 24 hours of any scheduled tutoring session, I will assess a cancellation fee of my current rate for the scheduled lesson duration.
  • For students who do not show up within 15 minutes at the start of a scheduled session, I reserve the right to assess a cancellation fee.
  • At my sole discretion, I may elect to waive or reduce a Cancellation Fee provisionally or unconditionally. For example, I may elect to permit a session to proceed even if it is over 15 minutes late, though I will still bill the waiting period accordingly.
  • Unless otherwise specified, I will assume all lessons are 90 minutes in duration, and the cancellation fee will be charged accordingly.
  • I reserve the right to assess a cancellation fee if the student shows up but, as per previously established expectations for the session, is unprepared for the session to the extent that very little progress can be made as opposed to the progress that could be made had the student been prepared.
  • Students are expected to bring paper, pencil, textbooks, homework assignments (past and current), past assessments, and anything else relevant to the session. Should the student not have the appropriate materials necessary for a productive session, then I reserve the right to access a cancellation fee for unpreparedness.
  • With respect to students under the age of 18, if the student is unable to identify specifically what they need tutoring in and what their learning expectations are, then I require a parent or other responsible adult present to discuss what topics to cover and the manner in which they should be covered; otherwise, I reserve the right to assess a cancellation fee on the basis of unpreparedness.

Cheating and Academic Dishonesty

  • Students who try to gear the lesson towards cheating/academic dishonesty instead of learning forfeit the lesson and will be assessed a Cancellation Fee in accordance with my Cancellation Policy.


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