Textbook websites

Textbooks typically have websites for people to use basically for videos, flash cards, exercises, practice quizzes, and practice tests. If your students have textbooks by McDougal Littell, there is a good likelihood that they have access to this website. They include language arts, math, science, social science, and languages for the middle and high school students.
As for the ability to use the textbook websites, it is probably going to be different for each textbook company. As for that I refered to, you can use the self-check quizzes with no need for a code. For anything else like the flash cards for example, the teacher needs to work with the textbook company.


Great idea, Steve!  Thanks for sharing!
Just wondering: Are these kinds of sites (such as with McDougal Littell, in the example you provided) accessible only by and reserved for students and teachers specifically using the textbooks, or are they open and public for everyone?
As I transition back to teaching full-time, I definitely want to continue to expand my network of teaching resources, so I appreciate the tip!


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