New Student FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do to help make learning fun? This depends on the subject and the student's age. I have created Jeopardy games, given play money/candy as rewards for answering correctly, played board games (while studying), gathered books on subjects that interest the student, and much more.
Do you offer any guarantees? Yes, I am not satisfied until you are. If your child receives a grade on a test/quiz that is below a "C" then I will review the material with the student at no charge.
Can you guarantee my child will improve? I can assure you that I will give your child all the tools necessary to improve their grades. It is ultimately up to the child to improve.
What are the typical grade improvements you see? Most children will improve a minimum one letter score within only a few weeks of tutoring.
Do you offer ongoing tutoring rates? Yes, students who meet a minimum of 5 consecutive weeks at the Amelia Library or receive online tutoring are eligible for my lowest tutoring rate, $16 per hour.
Do you offer discounts for online tutoring? Online tutoring is offered at my low rate of $20 per hour and is eligible for my ongoing tutoring rate of $16 per hour.
How long is one tutoring session? I typically meet students for 1 hour. For students in Middle School or higher, I recommend a minimum of two hours when studying for tests.
How can I schedule a lesson with you? Simply enter your payment information in the Wyzant Secured Website and contact me with your preferred lesson time.

How do you get paid? Upon completion of our first lesson, I will enter the details of our tutoring session on the Wyzant Tutoring Website for payment. There is no need to bring any cash or checks to the tutoring session.
Why is my phone number showing up as xxx-xxxx my email? It is the policy of Wyzant that payment information is entered into the system prior to exchanging phone numbers.
What is your cancellation policy? Please send me any cancellation or rescheduling requests at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled lesson. A fee of $10 will be issued for any no-call, no-show students.
What are the most common subjects you tutor? Math, Reading, Writing, and Study Skills
What is your preferred age group? I have no age preference; I have experience tutoring students from Pre-K through College
Have you tutored any special needs children? I have tutored multiple children (and even a few adults) with ADD/ADHD. In addition, I have worked with children who have learning disabilities. Furthermore, I have tutored a student in Pre-School who has Autism. Lastly, I have a niece with Cerebal Palsy and I have worked with her on numerous occasions. I am very patient and understanding with these children.
Will you come to my home for tutoring? Typically, I only meet at public places as a neutral meeting spot for both parties.
What can I do while you are tutoring? This is simply up to you. Some parents go to the reading or computer section of the library, while others run errands.
Are you available for tutoring on short notices? As long as I do not have any prior schedule arrangements, I can be available for tutoring in a minimum of 3 hours. I have had students who urgently need tutoring for a test/quiz the next day.


Jennifer H.

Pre-K Through College Tutor

50+ hours
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