A few log rules to remember when working on Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 problems

Hey guys,
After working with high school and college students in algebra 1 & 2,  i came across quite a few students who found logarithms hard to work with . Most of the  students failed to retain some important log based rules which were essential to be effective at problem solving.
Here's a list of a few rules :
logab = x could be written as  a= b. Let me work a couple of examples to show how this rule works
  • log39 = 2 
By using the rule that i talked about above can be written as 3^2 = 9 where a=3, x=2 and b = 9. 
loga10 - loga5  can be rewritten in the form loga(10/5)  which is the same as loga2. As long as the bases are equal to one another we can divide when there is a subtraction taking place using log.
When it comes to addition we need to add logarithms that have the same base.
Also another important thing to keep in mind is logaa = 1 and ln e = 1.
Suggestions and feedback on my blog are welcome please feel free to let me know if i had erred in anyway. Hope the content presented was useful.


Yup student hate logarithms!!!  I always bring them formula sheets with all the rules :P


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