The Seven Steps of Goal Setting - Zig Ziglar Remix

Here is the thing about watching Zig Ziglar in video: "He makes me feel like a kid in the 70's." But, his principles for success ring true:
  1. Identify the Goal (Clear, identify the target, nothing nebulous and be specific)
  2. List the Benefits  (For you, what you want, vitally important)
  3. List the Obstacles to Overcome (Anticipate in advance, things that could prevent you, find accountability)
  4. List the Skills and Knowledge Required (Knowledge = power , skills = tools , knowing + doing = powerful combination)
  5. Identify the People and Groups to Work with ( Who can help you? , knowledge + skill = value needed for success)
  6. Develop a Plan of Action (Critical, step-by-step details to achieve your goal)
  7. Set a Deadline (For accountability sake to yourself and who you are working with , unaccountable = unsuccessful)
To conclude with a simple math formula:
Knowledge + tools + doing + accountability = SUCCESS
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