Personal Learning and Making Goals

Hello to everyone who is just getting back into the groove for the first day of class!  I am excited for you guys and gals.
Josh Kaufman wrote The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business.  Great book to read if you are contemplating an MBA, are interested in starting your own business or have already started a business and are looking for some help.
The note I want to highlight is about education and learning. Continuing your Education and Learning are essential in order to succeed.  However you define success, and Josh goes into some detail about this as well, you will need to constantly learn.  Josh does a great job of explaining what education and learning is, so I will let him tell you why they are important:
Your brain forms mental models automatically by noticing patterns in what you experience each day.  Very often, however, the mental models you form on your own aren't completely accurate - you're only one person, so your knowledge and experiences are limited.  Education is a way to make your mental models more accurate by internalizing the knowledge and experiences other people have collected throughout their lives.  The best education helps you learn to see the world in a new, more productive way.
Wow!  I still can't get over those words.  Happy learning and if I can help, please let me know.  If I can't directly help you, I will let you know and direct you in a way that hopefully you can find an answer to your question.
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