Hindi Classes

When tutoring kids in Hindi, I try to focus on the strengths of the language. Hindi is a language where if you can read the alphabet, you can read just about anything. So I introduce my students to the alphabet, quickly forming words out of the letters and telling them their meaning.
Second, I encourage them by praising their efforts. Everyone loves kudos.
Third, I focus on the accent because that is something which is very difficult to "unlearn" if done improperly.
Fourth, I have them apply their knowledge in their practical life. When they start using the sentences with native speakers, there is motivation generated.
Fifth, there is a plethora of beautiful Hindi songs available online. Learning each song helps a person understand its meaning and remember entire sentences and the words within them.
Lastly, my sage advice is for anyone who wants to learn anything well, to make it a practice of sharing and teaching what they learned with others. I can't stress this point enough and it applies to virtually every subject.


Muhammad A.

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