Tips to Make Lessons Fun

1. Student engagement.  I always make sure that each student gets individual attention by engaging with him or her verbally, making sure they know that they are important to me and that I am monitoring them.
2. Asking students to restate what I have taught - in small amonts of information.  I often know that a student is listening, but restating what I have taught invites them to state it in their own words, thus solidifying their knowledge.
3.  Asking students to tell a personal story about themselves.  This is essential for second language learners speakers.  They are practicing speaking English about something they are intimately familiar with - themselves.  
4. Using students errors in speaking to form my next grammar lesson.  Speaking is very informative for me as a teacher to know where to go next to help students to communicate clearly.  Often they can understand grammar that they cannot replicate in speech.
5. Humor is essential to dissipate the insecurities students typically have about practicing a new skill - English.  By this I never mean to make anyone the brunt of a joke, but to gently bring to light the inherent humor in difficult or trying situations.


Suzanne E.

ESOL; ESL Children and Adults

20+ hours
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