Tips for Children who Struggle in Mathematics

In my experience, many children who come to tutoring struggling with mathematics show signs that these troubles have been occurring for a long time, in some cases years. In most of these cases the students only receive a few lessons until parents are satisfied when their child brings home one good test or homework assignment. Then the parents start the cycle over again when the child brings home a bad grade.
Students who have been struggling for a long time will continue to have difficulties until the trouble area has been addressed. Math is a building block subject. If you have difficulties computing the 1st few levels of mathematics, you will continue to struggle in every level afterwards.

For an example, a pre-algebra student is working on basic algebra skills. He/she doesn't understand the concept of the algebra. Upon working with the student, I immediately realize he/she has difficulties computing basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) correctly. We could concentrate on helping the student understand the current material, however when he/she moves onto a new topic the student will encounter additional difficulties. Plus, given the student struggles with basic math, he/she will be losing points on tests for simple errors.
History has proven that students who have trouble with basic math will continue to do so throughout middle school, into high school, and finally college level math. Parents, if your child is struggling in math, please ask them a few basic math questions. Check to see how long they take to answer and if the answer is correct. If you find your child takes an unusually long amount of time or they are guessing he/she probably needs to review the basic math skills.
I know all to well about these struggles as I was once the child who had difficulties in math. My parents put me through a math review program as a child. Once I completed the program I began getting better grades in Math. By the time I reached college I was receiving A's in my Calculus classes. Since I went through this personally, I can relate well with children who are struggling now.
I believe that many parents shy away from getting the help they know their child needs due to two reasons; money and time. It can be very expensive to hire a tutor on an ongoing basis. Plus, it can take a lot of time out of their day to take the child to tutoring. 
My solution is this, I offer parents a very low rate of $16.00 per hour if they meet at a location closer to me such as the Amelia Library and secure 5 or more weekly lessons. This is only about $64.00 per month for weekly lessons. This is about a 45% savings off my normal rate. My goal is to help the kids not only improve their grades but gain the skills necessary to keep them. Once the child receives the skills necessary to maintain good grades, the household stress will be reduced by both parent and child. It may take some time to get there, but I assure you that it will be well worth it in the long run.


Jennifer H.

Pre-K Through College Tutor

50+ hours
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