Into Spring we go!

Hi all! 

 Another semester down and a fairly successful one at that. I had a strong performance on the SAT bio by a student (This student plans to take it again to go for the 800. I'm excited to help her get it this time!), I met some great new students for Biochemistry, Genetics, Inorganic chemistry, and bioinformatics, substantially improved my library of AP physics materials as well as organic chemistry materials, had the opportunity to help with a college essay as well as science project submissions for the Sieman's competition and Intel competition, and made real headway on my SAT chemistry prep book! Only 160 more problems to go.... There were a number of other successes throughout the semester as well, but my goal here was to just share some of the different flavors of tutoring I'm currently having fun with. 
I'm only going to be taking on 6 students this Spring so that I have more time to finish the book and make progress on educational apps I've been planning. I currently have 4 of those spots filled, so if you're interested in lessons let me know ASAP!  If you're interested in group lessons, I would count a group as being '1 student' for my planning purposes since there is only one travel destination and one set of material to review.
 I'm still interested to help tutor in Python since it would help me to further my mastery of programming and push me further towards my app goals, so I am still willing to tutor for that at a heavily discounted rate. (I have one semester of Introductory Python tutoring down already)
Hope all of your studies are going fantastic! If not, let me know so that I can help you get there :)


Christopher B.

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