What are the 5 tips that make tutoring fun?

1) MEANINGFUL: Ensure that it is the most meaningful to the client/student. Get to know your client/student, and the skills strengths and currently less strong areas. Build up both areas of skills and strategies in a positive manner.
2) ENJOYABLE: Allow learning to be enjoyable. It can be, even when preparing for a deadline or important examinations. Turn it into a game. Research shows that students, both kids and adults, learn faster and retain more if it is enjoyable. This can only happen if the tutor actually loves to learn and to see the student excel.
3) OWNERSHIP AND LEARNING PREFERENCES FOR FASTER COMPREHENSION: Provided the goals are being reached within the required time frame, allow the client/student to choose (or even create if the individual desires to) which preferred ways the client's goals can be reached. Ownership of the learning process, even if it is part ownership, enables clients to learn faster and to retain more. While not ignoring the other senses, see which learning style (visual, auditory, kinesthetic or/and tactile) the client/student prefers and primarily teach through this learning avenue.
4) PROCESSING & RETENTION: If a client/student thinks he or she understands something, allow them to say it in their own words.  As much as possible, have less "teacher" talk, or it can reach a saturation level of "too much information" (TMI) for the student. Review previous concepts and skills practices more than once as needed and then introduce new concepts or/and practices. For a second language client/student, reviewing previous concepts and skills is especially critical for retention. 
5) IDENTIFYING THE AGENDA & BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR TOPICS: Briefly show the current session's agenda before starting. Provide background information for the student, ideally through question-asking about their knowledge/experience of the topic, in raising the client/student's awareness before introducing new concepts. It is also good to briefly mention the background information when reviewing a concept, as well. Research solidly points to providing background information of a topic, together with identifying the session's agenda before beginning. This prepares the client/student prior to learning and supports accelerated and retained learning.


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