Parental encouragement!

Being a tutor means focusing your very best to guide, to encourage, and to praise the students being tutored. It may take a little time or a lot of time, although it can be done. It can also be said that parents need encouragement as well. Oftentimes, while they reach out to tutors for help, they express their frustration one way or another, but you may hear it directly or indirectly. The result can be rather devastating for the students themselves. Thus, parental encouragement is just as important to focus on as it is with the students themselves. If the mindset of the parents and the students is positive, the attitude and the ability to focus will be much better.
Here's an example. A parent called me and said that it is too late to possibly change her son's grade. I suggested that I should come to their home to work with him. The result was he earned a B+ on a major final exam!


Steve S.

I am a Spanish and English tutor who listens to you and helps you!

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