Making Tutoring Fun

Hi everybody,
I know a lot of you hate hearing your mom or dad tell you that you'll need a tutor because in your mind this means extra work. I mean, come on!  You spend 7 hours in school only to be told you need to extend your "classroom time" for another hour or two after school. Not fair! And yet, deep inside you know that putting in the extra time to make your grades even better is worth it, although you probably won't admit it.
I understand since I've been on both sides of the fence.  I've been tutored (math and english) and have tutored (math and english), so I know what it's like to be both the recipient and administrator of tutoring services.  My teachers always told me that I was smart but easily bored in class. The reason? Classes were dull. My teachers rarely made their classes interesting or engaging, so it was easy for me to "check out" and get distracted. This is why when I tutor I try to make learning fun and tailor my lessons to meet your individual needs because everyone has their own learning style and academic ability.
 Quick tips:
1. Have ample time to relax and recharge before being tutored.
2. Find a place to be tutored where there are no distractions.
3. Adjust your attitude so that it's a positive experience instead of just another chore.
4. Do your best
5. Congratulate yourself for the extra time you've put into learning.


Teri L.

Highly Educated Reading, Writing, English and ESL Tutor

20+ hours
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