Shift from Teaching to LEARNING Results

Shift from Teaching to LEARNING Results
I read an online article that struck a chord with me. It dealt with the focus on learning rather than an educator's good teaching or popularity. It seems from my observations of  parents, educators, and traveled to different campuses for trainings in the US, we have substituted easy to understand teaching (i.e. Khan Academy online videos) and/or popularity for student learning. Mazur has a couple decades of data and experience under his belt on the learning focus. Consider the paragraph below (see source link below for additional reading)
"For his part, Mazur has collected reams of data on his students’ results. (He says most scholars, even scientists, rely on anecdotal evidence instead.) End-of-semester course evaluations he dismisses as nothing more than “popularity contests” that ought to be abolished. “There is zero correlation between course evaluations and the amount learned,” he says. “Award-winning teachers with the highest evaluations can produce the same results as teachers who are getting fired.” He asserts that he is “far more interested in learning than teaching,” and envisions a shift from “teaching” to “helping students learn.” The focus moves away from the lectern and toward the physical and imaginative activity of each student in class."
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Learning with the result of quality academic performance (i.e. getting good grades) should be the goal for all parties (i.e. student, parents, tutor, teacher, etc.), in respective order. Once a man learns how to fish, he will fish for a lifetime without my help.
During each tutoring session, I reinforce and help students learn how to learn. Otherwise, they return each week with the same problem and they pay me to help them. That would be unethical in my book, with or without teaching credentials. 
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