Google Drive Makes Files Available Everywhere That You Have Internet!

Google Drive makes it easy for me to access my files no matter what device I am on – my home computer, work computer, iPad, smartphone, or a computer anywhere I visit. I keep my favorite recipes, photos, instructional guides, and a variety of professional and personal documents in the cloud where I can access them from any location with Internet connectivity.  
In addition to enjoying the convenience of accessing my files from anywhere, I value the ability to easily share select files with others. Google Drive lets me decide whether I want to share a file with others by allowing them to simply view the file, or if I choose I may give specific people the ability to edit a file, so we can easily collaborate on a project or while making plans.  
If you are not familiar with Google Drive I can get you very comfortable with the most useful features in just one tutoring session. Other Google apps that I love include Google Forms, for gathering information, and Google Voice for managing my multiple phones and receiving texts that I can view and respond to on my computer. Let me know if you would like to learn more about any of the great Google apps that can add to your productivity.


Valerie B.

Technology Tutoring and Services

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