5 Strageties for Tutoring Successfully

I like to get to know my students and find out what they like to do for fun. Then I relate that to what we are studying. I make up games to help the information stick. And speaking of sticking...I LOVE to use Post-Its! They make everything bright and we are able to use color association for certain parts of the lesson. Music always helps, so I find some classical Mozart to get the "brain juices" flowing! The most common technique I utilize is explaining WHY we are learning this particular lesson. What does it relate to? Why is it important in the long run? Are we going to need to know it after the test? Even if the answer to the last question is "no", we will talk about how we can use the process of studying to help ourselves in the future.
1. Relating Student Interests to the Subject
2. Games
3. POST-IT Notes
4. Mozart
5. Asking "Why?"


Sarah F.

Master in Music Education (Band Instruments)

10+ hours
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