Review Questions for Fatty Acid Metabolism

Fatty Acid Metabolism

Explain how fatty acids are activated for degradation.

Fatty acid activation occurs in the _______. Beta oxidation occurs in the ____________. Explain the transport system that shuttles fatty acids between these two cellular locations.

Draw a diagram that summarizes beta oxidation.

List the substrates and products of beta oxidation.

For odd chain fatty acids, the end product is ____________ rather than acetyl-CoA. This product can be converted to _____________.

Enoyl CoA Isomerase allows beta oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids to continue by shifting the location of a _________ bond.

When does ketogenesis occur?

Draw a diagram that summarizes ketogenesis.

Where does fatty acid synthesis occur?

Describe the reactions catalyzed by each enzyme during fatty acid synthesis:
  • Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase
  • Fatty Acid Synthase
    • Malonyl/Acetyl-CoA-ACP Transacylase
    • Condensing Enzyme
    • Beta-ketoacyl-ACP Reductase
    • Beta-Hydroxyacyl-ACP Dehydratase
    • Enoyl-ACP Reductase
  • Fatty Acid Elongases
  • Desaturases

What enzyme is responsible for the rate limiting step of fatty acid synthesis? Explain how this enzyme is regulated.

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