It's Okay to Ask For Help

Through our tendencies of human nature, we don't like to ask for help. We want the recognition, the glory and the credit to be given to only ourselves. Unfortunately, the thought that we can single-handedly do everything on our own is a huge misconception. The world has been built on a foundation of people working together to towards a common goal. The world needs individuals to work together to brainstorm and execute plans for the future.
School and college provide opportunities to work together. Through group projects, presentations, senior design projects, etc. students are asked to work with one another. It is, rather unfortunate, that sometimes we are paired with people who we do not work well with, but that is life. School and college provide students with opportunities to work with people and adapt to others ways--whether we like them or not.
Now, when one must adapt to another's ways (for example a teacher's or professor's) it can sometimes be confusing. This is where asking for help from an outside party can help. When a professor or teacher cannot convey the message to you in a way you understand, tutors and peers can help make it more clear. That is where my job, as well as all the other tutors on jobs come in. We are a community, here to help you and your children find clarity in a teacher's lessons. We are here to help your child succeed and excel in school and various subjects.
So don't be afraid to ask for help. We all want to help and see your child succeed.


Sabrina R.

College Student For Math, Chemistry and High School Tutoring

200+ hours
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